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The errant apostrophe

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.Believe me, The lack of apostrophe is already frustrating me, but it has been done ON PURPOSE, I promise! (I also quite like it for what it stands for, so whilst my grammatically correct followers may have a small shudder, I am leaving everything as it is).

Whilst coming up with the idea for a small business wasn't too difficult (I had been making clothing for my own children for a while so it seemed logical to head in this direction, and I had a few kernels of ideas to work with), naming it, however, was not so easy.

Honestly, It was easier to name the children than it was to name this fledgling business. With ideas being thrown at me from helpful family members and wonderful friends, I was swimming in a sea of 'craft' and 'creations', wallowing in 'designs' and agog with some of the slightly more obscure suggestions. 

Eventually, it was a cup of tea with my good friend Emily from (she makes some beautiful things but you'll have to ask her about her name yourself) that got it sorted. I had decided that I would be following the KISS principle with my range of clothing (keep it simple *stupid* <-- aimed purely at myself I assure you), so it followed that the name needed some simplicity too. 

Colourful, Comfy, Bold, Bright, Rainbow, Colour, Slouchy... what about 'Comfy and Bright' (said Emily) It says pretty much what you'll be offering, and it's simple and easy to remember

YES! But how about we switch the words, and hint at our current proximity to a certain seaside location? YES! 
Brightn Comfy Full Version JPEG

So yes, there *should* be two apostrophes, or less of a space between the first two words....or should there?!

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