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    I will soon be launching a new line in dresses and they’ll be known as Bright 'n Comfy simple dresses (nice and easy see?!) . 


    Bright n comfy simple dress sitting


    For some market research, I asked some parents their thoughts on dresses today. I had a varied and very interesting response, and I’m intrigued to see what my ‘wider audience’ (essentially you, my customers) think too.

    When I started Bright ‘n Comfy, I wanted to provide clothing for children that was bright and colourful and comfortable. I also wanted a line that really could be worn by anyone. The majority of my clothing fits this bill perfectly and I’ve strived for a pronoun free zone with no ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ clothes.  There has, however,  been a small hesitation over the skirts and dresses. As far as I am concerned, skirt and dresses (indeed, ALL clothes) are for anyone who wants to wear them (#dressesforall was suggested as a new tagline) but I am fully aware that societal norms mean that the chances of a dress being bought for a boy are smaller, and that it isn’t necessarily the done thing to ‘allow’ a boy to wear dresses. (I say allow loosely, if your children are anything like mine, I have no say in what they wear, and haven’t for a long time. Nor would I want to, as I want them to have free choice over their clothes etc).

    I am proud to carry some stock in a truly gender free shop GFW  (gender free world, Hove).

    Bright n comfy simple dress 2

    So I’m interested to know:

    • Would your son wear a dress? (or does he currently?)

    • Would you buy him a dress (either unprompted or if he asked?)


    One thing I noted from the responses I had today was that most parents *would* buy a dress for their son if he asked, but at the same time most boys wouldn’t ask because they may not know it is an option. I got to thinking...Do we approach the matter of dresses with girls in the same way?

    I would love for it to not even be a ‘thing’, that boys and girls can truly wear what they want to without worrying about the reaction of their peers/families, that parents wouldn’t worry about bullying for a choice of clothing, that no one would blink an eye at a boy in a dress because it was just normal.  Pie in the sky maybe, but change won’t happen without open discussion. I think it can happen, do you?!

    Let me know in the comments, or over on facebook or instagram!

    Bright n comfy simple dress behind