All the colours of the rainbow!

All the colours for all the kids.

We all know that children love colour, and often they will want the most outrageous colour combinations. With Bright 'n Comfy custom clothing, they can have any combination of colours that they so desire!

Sometimes, it can be a little hard to imagine all the colours that BnC can throw at an item of clothing. To help make it a little easier, here are the available colour choices (and names) so that when you order you have a good idea of what colours you'd like! 

* If, when you come to order, you find that your choice isn't in the drop down menu don;t panic! Just leave a note with all the colours you'd like when you checkout. If there are any queries, we will contact you via email before proceeding with the order.

Can't decide?

If you know what you'd like as your main colour but can't decide on the others, we are always happy to construct something that works for you. Sometimes, the best words we can receive in the inbox are 'surprise me'!